Be the Change (The Story of Mahatma Gandhi) // MC Yogi

sanj.k October 2, 2012 art, the latest Comments

On the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, M.C. Yogi releases the video of his track titled ‘Be the Change’ (from the album Elephant Power) inspired by the quote from Gandhi himself.

The track is a story of the life of Mahatma Gandhi, his journey of spirituality, non-violence and the immense inspiration he gave out to the world.

Beautiful track …

MC Yogi: Vocal
Sukhawat Ali Khan: Vocal
Deobrat Mishra: Sitar
Moses Sedler: Cello
K.V. Balukrishnan: Tabla
Geoffrey Gordon: Tabla
Niraj Chag: Keyboards
Robin Livingston: Keyboards, Programming

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