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Joi - credit Tim Kavanagh

Joi Sound System // Joi [out 22.Jun.2015]

Joi were at the vanguard of the Asian Underground, a clubland movement that came out of Talvin Singh’s weekly nights at the Blue Note and the monthlies by the Outcaste label – a magnet for such young British Asian musicians and DJs [...]

June 21, 2015 news, the latest
Caitlin Mogridge Getty

Led Zeppelin to release India recordings of ‘Friends’ and ‘Four Hands’ [31.Jul.2015]

‘Friends’ and ‘Four Hands’ have that all too familiar golden age of Bollywood vibe, layered with strong Indian Classical but remaining authentically  Led Zeppelin. Collaborations between East and West have always been happening in some way or another, and this proves again that when [...]

June 17, 2015 news, the latest
mia gener8ion

Watch: The New International Sound Pt. II // GENER8ION + M.I.A

36 000 students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest Wu Shu [Martial Arts] school for kids in China provide a grueling yet elegant backdrop for M.I.A x GENER8ION‘s brand new video for the track “The New International Sound (Part II)”.  The track is included [...]

June 16, 2015 news
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Sam Zaman / State of Bengal dies (1965-2015)

This morning I received the devastating news of the passing of music pioneer and visionary, Sam Zaman – State of Bengal. In my late teens and early twenties, I discovered the movement called the Asian Underground. As I delved deeper [...]

May 20, 2015 news, the latest

Prashant Bhargava passes away (1973-2015)

When I logged onto my Facebook this morning, I saw a post that broke my heart. Our friend, Prashant Bhargava passed away this morning in New York City. Recently Prashant was featured in an article by titled: “10 Great South Asian [...]

May 16, 2015 news, the latest
Wild City: Alternative India

Wild City Presents: Alternative India @ Southbank Centre [20.May.15]

Over the last couple of years Wild City – an online music platform and co-founders of the arts and music festival Magnetic Fields in Rajasthan have quickly gained reputation and respect for championing the sounds of alternative music in India. Evolving [...]

April 14, 2015 news
Eat Pray Thug

Eat Pray Thug // HEEMS [10.Mar.2015]

After the break up of Das Racist at the end of 2012, front man Himanshu Suri, aka Heems, teamed up with London actor/rapper Riz MC to form Swetshop Boys in 2014. The duo released a massive self titled EP that showed them both [...]

January 13, 2015 news
Babylon EP

BACKSPACE // NUPHLO [Babylon EP, New World Audio]

As 2013 comes to an end, we are all looking towards the new year for some treats for the ears. First up is a brand new EP from friends of ours and familiar names to NADA BRAHMA. Out on NEW [...]

December 17, 2013 news, the latest

WU-TANG’s GZA raps about the COSMOS // DARK MATTER

If like me, you cannot wait for GZA’s upcoming, highly anticipated space-themed album ‘DARK MATTER’, you’re going to love this. As part of a talk at the University of Toronto, One of the founding members of THE WU-TANG CLAN previews a [...]

November 28, 2013 news, the latest
Einstein Tagore

WATCH: Einstein Tagore // Nitin Sawhney with Nicki Wells [TEDxSalford 2013]

Nitin Sawhney presenting the amazing meeting of two intellectual giants, not just from a philosophical, spiritual and scientific perspective … but from a musical one. Also offering his experience and thoughts on Indian Classical music, Ragas and music as a [...]

November 18, 2013 news, the latest