Saturday 20th December 2014,

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BACKSPACE // NUPHLO [Babylon EP, New World Audio]

Babylon EP

As 2013 comes to an end, we are all looking towards the new year for some treats for the ears. First up is a brand new EP from friends of ours and familiar names to NADA BRAHMA. Out on NEW WORLD AUDIO on 8th January 2013 is BABYLON EP, starring some [...]

December 17, 2013 sanj.k news, the latest 0

WU-TANG’s GZA raps about the COSMOS // DARK MATTER


If like me, you cannot wait for GZA’s upcoming, highly anticipated space-themed album ‘DARK MATTER’, you’re going to love this. As part of a talk at the University of Toronto, One of the founding members of THE WU-TANG CLAN previews a version of a track. Although it’s only 2min 40sec, through his [...]

November 28, 2013 sanj.k news, the latest 0

WATCH: Einstein Tagore // Nitin Sawhney with Nicki Wells [TEDxSalford 2013]

Einstein Tagore

Nitin Sawhney presenting the amazing meeting of two intellectual giants, not just from a philosophical, spiritual and scientific perspective … but from a musical one. Also offering his experience and thoughts on Indian Classical music, Ragas and music as a whole. Joining Nitin on stage is the incredible vocalist … [...]

November 18, 2013 sanj.k news, the latest 0

Cheb I Sabbah [1947-2013]


It hasn’t even been a year since our friend Ranvir Singh Verma passed away and now this, I’m truly saddened and devastated that a friend and fabulous music maestro has left the earth to join some of the greats among stars … Cheb I Sabbah known for combining Asian, Arabic, [...]

November 7, 2013 sanj.k news, the latest 0

Bringing a Transnational Sound to Rock // PENGUINSRISING [FREE DOWNLOAD]


PENGUINSRISING may sound like a title of a HAPPY FEET movie, but it is the new guise of former Oasis and The Who sticksman, Zak Starkey. He has scouted the talents of ex-Stereophonics drummer Javier Weyler and highly vivacious lead vocalist Sharna [Sshh] Liguz who are collectively generating a potent [...]

October 27, 2013 sanj.k news, the latest 2