Ekatva – Oneness: The Journey of 16 Slum Children, PART 4 [UK TOUR]

sanj.k April 29, 2012 features Comments

Continuing on with our amazing little journey in getting to know the kids of EKATVA. They are currently getting ready for the USA tour which kicks off soon. The UK tour planning is well under way with details of dates and venues coming very soon!

This week, we shall acquaint ourselves with Vishal. 

He is a playful and smiling yet many times upset and angry, Vishal lived the ups and downs of life in Shankar Bhuvan, a slum community rife with vices of liquor, gambling, fighting and foul language. With a family of five to feed, Vishal’s parents cannot afford to move out of the slum, continuing to embrace the highs and lows of their life. Due to Ekatva, Vishal was brought to the Gandhi Ashram Hostel and this has had a great impact on his life. His ability to focus on education has increased and his anger levels have gone down a great deal. His parents feel like Ekatva and Manav Sadhna are God’s blessings to them.

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