Evolving sounds from the grand sires of Eastern Drum and Breaks

For over a decade now these gents have been evolving their sounds by channelling the contrast of electronic and Indian Classical music. They are the grand sires of Eastern Drum and Breaks, inspiring and influence an entire cohort of DJs and producers to create music of a similar nature.

Some familiar names come together on the Swedish label ‘Meerkat Recordings’ on the ‘7th Day’ EP. The Nasha Experience’s Nuphlo, Osmani Soundz is joined by Mumbai’s Apurva and drum ‘n’ bass crew Delta Star [Nuphlo and Ges-E] who make their debut with the title track. The EP has gone down immensely well with the listeners of both BBC Radio 1 and Asian Network proving its massive appeal.

Delta Star launches the EP with the self titled. A hard hitting drum & bass track, trickling with a dark melody fastened together by subtle eerie vocals. Osmani Soundz and Nuphlo pick up right where the Delta Star left off with what could very well be the most popular tune on the EP. ‘Sand Dunes‘, starts of as this elegant Middle Eastern inspired affair that quickly turns into a potent bass attack floor filler that is destined for greatness.

Carrying on the Middle Eastern vibe, Nuphlo treats us to a solo tune, ‘Kasbah‘ with an inscrutable beginning which in no time mutated into a grimier dubstep tune, executed dexterously. This is then juxtaposed with the penultimate track which is a summer anthem for sure. ‘Tea Rooms‘ by Delta Star is that ideal track you want to be listening to on hot day. A euphoric and lightly coated drum & bass track with a lot of textures, sounds like something Netsky would pull out of the bag! Definitely a favourite! Nuphlo and Apruva close the ’7th Day’ EP with ‘Conflict Resolution’, fuelled by merciless basslines that provide refuge for ethereal vocals and choppy rhythms that soften the track up.

This EP is evidence these pioneers have not wavered in their game since the beginning.

I caught up with Nuphlo for a quick Q&A

NB: So, what is the reason for working with Ges-e, Osmani Soundz and Apurva in this context on Meerkat?

Nuphlo: I think the reason for working with Ges-e and Osmani is simply because we make so many tunes together that dont get released, some of them needed to see the light of day I felt. Meerkat gave us that opportunity. Working with Apurva was purely through us meeting, raving and talking together in Mumbai. He’s on the level when it comes to good dnb. Hes very passionate about what sort of sound he wants to make, plus I only really make tunes with people I like.