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Having already received the “Award of Merit 2012” at the Best Shorts Festival and two “Silver Telly Awards 2012” for Best Short Film and Best Production, ‘Color of Anger’ is a brilliant short by New York based Indian American director, Vishesh Sharma.

This ten minute film tells the story of a teenage boy’s natural impulse to rebel against his authoritarian and violent father. Through a combination of his drug addiction and Parkour skills he tries to deal with his pain and anguish. Then circumstance presents itself that change his rebellion into seemingly criminal intent. He is transported into a fatal world where the lines between real and illusion are blurred.

The film is beautifully made, capturing stunning footage of Parkour, more commonly known as Freerunning. The main character, Jim played by Jeremy Gallant uses the urban landscape where the story is set as his playground to duck and dive, jump through, over and bouncing off the scenary around him, like a child playing on a jungle gym.

For a film that has little dialogue, the music used will become a component just as vital the actors. Through electronica, pulsating beats and soft melodies the polymath, Karsh Kale creates a score that allows the story to continue once the words have ended.

Being Vishesh Sharma’s debut short film, his contribution to the film spans from direction and production to the creation of the story. Vishesh is no newbie to the world of film. Coming from a family of film distributors, the industry has always been in his blood. Having worked an advertising production company, Television companies in various roles form editor to producer and judging the Emmy’s in 2012, the wealth of experience Vishesh has accumulated over the years can be rightly seen in this film, its creativity and beauty.

We caught up with Vishesh for a quick chat …

Where did your inspiration for this film come from?

Inspiration came from some article I read about domestic violence. I thought of the children and how they are affected by it.

What were the challenges you faced during the filming process?

I had a very hard time finding a mom for the role who could look something close to Jeremy. Over all I was lucky to have a great team of people who I have worked with over the years to support my film. It’s always fun to work with friends.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I haven’t decided on what I will make next. I am working on some other shoots & edits for TV,some shorts and documentaries. Once they are done I will start my own project.

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