Global Bass Sur Soul @ Contact [MANCHESTER] 23rd Nov

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Folks, if you are in MANCHESTER this weekend, you must check out this gig. Its a collection of cutting edge transnational sounds as musicians and visualists jam across continents. You’ll get to experience AV Meditations from Culture Hub in New York meets Global Bass/Sur Soul at Contact in Manchester.

The event will feature acclaimed artists and musicians from across the UK. There will be a live classical tabla, sitar and flute ensemble. Traditional musicianship meets live electronics in the form of Percussionist Jon Sterckx / Drumscapes creating an amazing atmosphere with his live act.

Featuring live performances from:

  • Drumscapes

Jon Sterckx mixes traditional music with live electronics using Ableton Live and an arsenal of percussion instruments. Instead of performing in front of a silent and seated audience, he urges them to dance, and quickly engages more than a thousand people. An unusual testament to the power of rhythm and music .

  • The Universal Taal Project

Musical explorer and frequency experimenter Ranvir Verma / Universal Taal Project.A self taught player of bass, keys and guitar and a talented writer and producer who studied jazz and toured the globe extensively. This is evident in his 360 degrees of multicultural sounds. Able to skillfully fuse funk,breakbeat, drum and bass, electro and asian beats he brings about a sound that takes you beyond musical limitations.

  • Xtra ordinary league of musicians

This is a project that incorporates outstanding versatile musicians that are immensely talented to come together and perform as an ensemble to entertain crowds with there masterful performance They will be performing semi classical , modern and contemporary melodies together as well as there solo performances .In this programme the following artists will be performing

  • Waqas Chaudhry (Bansuri/Flute)
  • Scott Kentell (Classic Spanish Guitar)
  • Lance Hulme (Sitar)
  • Kuldeep Singh (Tabla)
  • A / V Meditations
AudioVisual Meditations is a networked performance series where musicians and visualists from multiple locations improvise over distance. Featuring: NEEL MURGAI (Sitar, Daf) with visuals by JOSHUE OTT (superDraw) in collaboration with special guests from Contact Theatre, Manchester UK.


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