Joi - credit Tim Kavanagh
Posted On June 21, 2015 | Comments

Joi were at the vanguard of the Asian Underground, a clubland movement that came out of Talvin Singh’s weekly nights at the Blue Note and the monthlies by the Outcaste label – a magnet for such young [...]

Apple Music
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70-90% of digital sales a artist receives is from iTunes. It’s decision to switch to a streaming service will not only put the final nail in the coffin of record sales, they choose to hold [...]

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At the beginning of the year, one of my much-loved acts, Polaroid 85 closed up shop and rising from its vestiges is brand new and exciting band called MERAKI. Meaning to “do something with soul, [...]

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Having already received the “Award of Merit 2012” at the Best Shorts Festival and two “Silver Telly Awards 2012” for Best Short Film and Best Production, ‘Color of Anger’ is a brilliant short by New York [...]