“MERI MAA” (Vande Mataram) – Rax Timyr feat. Ambika Jois and Kishan Amin

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To commemorate the Republic Day of India which is today! Our good friend Ambika Jois, lends her gorgeous vocals to this new track. Produced by Rax Timyr and featuring male vocalist Kishan Amin, the collaboration is stunning. The track titled ‘Meri Maa (Vande Mataram)’ (My Mother, (Salution to the Motherland) whose powerful and uplifting vibes convey a sense of pride about India as the motherland, their heritage and home as British Indians.

The trio said:

“Meri Maa (Vande Mataram) carries the purpose of representing the significance of India, our motherland to her citizens and to remind and restore the importance of our cultural heritage to Indians settled within India and abroad. We are dedicating this song as a gratitude to how we have been raised with Indian values by our parents, in the UK and to all those who have inspired us to recognize, realize and represent our heritage. We were greatly inspired by AR Rahman’s “Maa Tujhe Salaam” from his 1997 Vande Mataram album, and with “Meri Maa” we hope to bring back that sense of patriotism to our people.”

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