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I must admit, even though I am a massive fan of the DEWARISTS show, some of the more recent episodes have been a bit of a let down. It feels as if artists are being brought together, who individually are very good, but when they collaborate, the music isn’t anything wow, which is what you’d expect … until this episode …

This week, The Dewarists show brings two of our friends, Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya and Brooklyn Shanti who meet Mou Sultana in what I think is a fabulous collaboration … its live, banging and energised. A combination that has worked really well because there are similarities between these artists and their music.

We caught up with all three NucleyaBrooklyn Shanti and Mou Sultana for a chat about their experience on the show:

I think we are all quite similar, actually. Working with Nucleya enables me the luxury of fusing together the ideas which I’ve been developing in the Topical Bass / Global Bass scene for the last four years. Working with Mou Sultana gives me faith that she and I together are pushing forward in creating a new generation of sound for Bengali people worldwide. When you put the three of us together, it’s nothing short of electricity.

~ Brooklyn Shanti

Dewarists is probably the only place where this could have happened. No big record company would support this sort of music in India. I, as an artist loved the whole experience because we had Shanti and Mou, who love to experiment and explore new sounds. This is definitely not the end of Bangla Bass … We have more music in the making, with our episode I’m sure there is another door waiting to be opened for all the forward thinking and like minded musicians in India. Big Love to all the people who supported this.

~ Nucleya

This collaboration was one of the best lesson of my life. Getting to know two very different style of musicians together and having the opportunity to spell bound the world with mind blowing music with an Indian touch was all I ever wanted ever since I penned my first song and picked up a guitar. Going outside my comfort zone and exploring something new was definitely an opener for me.i rediscovered my roots and myself while we had fun and stunned the world.

~ Mou Sultana

Massive big up to Nucleya, Brooklyn Shanti and Mou Sultana for a great episode!

Heres a little something Brooklyn Shanti got up to behind the scenes …

Brooklyn Shanti – Sugar Cane Riddim – the Dewarists Bangla Bass episode Kolkata (with lyrics)

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