The Sun Rises From The Beast // Okulus Anomali [Generation Bass]

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Okulus Anomali is an Artist (Composer, Producer, DJ, Multi-Instrumentalist Musician, Poet-Philosopher/Writer, Graphic Designer, Chef, Opener of Minds…) Born in Budapest, raised in South Florida and travelling much of the world from a young age onwards to the day, Okulus Anomali’s music is saturated with his passion for History, Culture, Science, Irony/Satire, Depth, Humor and Fun. His sound explores the full range of human emotion…for all emotion is an inspiration and has it’s time and place for reflection.

Okulus Anomali‘s mega EP, ‘The Sun Rises From The Beast’ was released on GENERATION BASS last week . The four tracker that varies in style and genre – from dubstep to moombahton, but whats really interesting is the other sounds incorporated into the music. Take the first track ‘Clock of the Long Now‘ filled with flutes, organic percussion and a whole lot more – giving it an almost tribal vibe. Not all the tracks on the EP of this format, but the diversity of the EP does showcase the dexterity of his production skills

Definitely one not to be missed out on!

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