VIDEO: Mowglis Dream // TinyType & Indi Kaur

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Back in July, we featured MOWGLIS DREAM, a truly mesmerising track by TinyType and Indi Kaur that transports itself and the listener into a journey of silhouettes, shadows, stories and dreams whilst deliverig cutting -edge and well- written music. Read our review here

Swapnil Awate & Pranay Patwardhan were quite creative and manage to come up with a very surprising and unusual result. They created a short film which is supposed to make you beeing absolutely amazed.

TinyType had been searching for more than two month for the right creators to bring alive Mowglis Dream. Out of coincidence, he found Pranay and Swapnil who worked on the concept and delivered  in 3 months. They’ve really done an incredible job here.

A project which is now a sublime Austrian / UK / Indian collaboration of extraordinary artists!

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Limited 12” Vinyl Price: € 8,50/ Shipping: Austria € 4,50 € / Europe € 6,80 / World € 8,50

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